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Sitakund is the land of great natural beauty. It is not only a religious place for Hindus, but also a nice tourist spot.On the eastern side of Sitakund is Chandranath hill and the wester side is the sea.The people who loves nature and want to feel its beauty must come Sitakund.

Chandranath hill stands 4 kilometers east from Sitakund Bazar.You can go Chandranath hill side with a rikshaw or on foot.It is very nice journey to go on foot, because the small hill group of Chandranath starts from Bashkunda.On the way to Chandranath hill you also see some of the religious places of Hindus religion.This area is full of various kinds of trees, flora and fauna.Students of botany department comes here often for their projects.Here you can see the gardens of Guava, Mango, Betel-nut etc. Here has some tribe people called Tipra and a tribe village. If you go in the deep hill you can see some cultivating land on hill (call Joom khet ) and some commercial flower garden.Here has some spring, but on the regular way of Chandranath Temple you see only one spring, from the spring area the way of Chandrahath Temple become two part one is on the right hand side and full of stairs, the other on the left hand side is hilly way has some broken stairs. It is easy to climb up by the hilly way and climb down by the stairs way. Here also had s spring besode Sita Temple but now it is dried out and the springs held in the deep forest.The hills are looking very glamorous at rainy season, because of rain fall the trees and hills looks very fresh. But it is very dangerous to climb up the hill at rainy season.

Sitakund held a big fair every year at the Bengali month of Falgun (Approximately months of February-March) called Shiva Chaturdashi Mela. At that time various saints and peoples from home and abroad (Maximum from India, Nepal, Srilanka) come here. then this area become vary crowd and noise.

It is also a nice picnic spot but not so develop like other. Here has a big field beside Bashkunda you can park your vehicles here and cook here. But here has no facility of drinking water you need to bring it with yourself or buy bottle water from shops.